Ripjak BUSY BEE 01 Shop testing of machines is necessary, to help with designing improvements and new features.
Ripjak BUSY BEE 02 Each stroke shears bottom boards on a selected stringer. Pallet is easily positioned for stroke.
Ripjak BUSY BEE 03 In Travel-Mode, unit is only 8 feet long. All working parts are locked in this compact road position.
Ripjak BUSY BEE 04 Lightweight, but rugged, it is quite productive for its simplicity of design, and is easy to covert to/from its Work-Mode.
Ripjak BUSY BEE 05 Work-Mode changeover is accomplished by locking the cutterhead in position, and using the hydraulics to reposition the frame.
Ripjak BUSY BEE 06 Spare Tire & rim can be mounted either on the rear or on the trailer-side.
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