Ripjak BUSY BEE 13 Dual Position Pins allow the machine length to expand for operational "work" Mode and contract to Travel-Mode.
Ripjak BUSY BEE 14 Hydraulic cylinders relieve operator of the heavy work to be done; both in repositioning and in operating machine.
Ripjak BUSY BEE 15 Locking device is shown as attached to the cutterhead. It is a functional component for frame alignment.
Ripjak BUSY BEE 16 Locking device is shown, as attached to the stationary pallet "pusher".
Ripjak BUSY BEE 17 One of several positions that the frame reaches when being adjusted from Work to Travel Mode.
Ripjak BUSY BEE 18 Again, pusher portion of machine frame is shown during changeovers.
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