Ripjak SHOW TRLR 08 Trailer's interior has been modified to include lockable toolroom above fifthwheel section. Note electrical relay system to power all machines.
Ripjak SHOW TRLR 09 After machines are placed, fencing sections are locked together, and support tables, carts, electric generator, cables connected; all ready.
Ripjak SHOW TRLR 10 Half-Pallet Dismantler, with Tipstacker/Unstacker.
Ripjak SHOW TRLR 11 Not yet open, a few people arrive early.
Ripjak SHOW TRLR 12 "Shook-Karts" are specially-designed to sort & stack each pallet top or bottom board, and notched or unnotched stringers, as dismantled.
Ripjak SHOW TRLR 13 RIPJAK's "Bragging Board" names products of RIPJAK origin. Each one identifies the year it was introduced to the industry.
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