BUSY BEE Portable Dismantlers 

01 "Budget" BUSY BEE is the "starter" unit for the beginner. Take it out to where the pallets are, dismantle on the spot, and gather the lumber "honey".
02 Shown are 3 main models: 2-cutter single-head(+Budget BEE),Over'n'Under
One-Stroke-Per-stringer, and the Half-Pallet; TOTAL Dismantling in 2-Strokes
11 An auto-unloading assist can be a
conveyor or turn-table,a couple of real time and back savers.

11 View of "stationary pusher", mounted on arms, and carriage-mounted trio of cutterheads, which clip off all lower nails automatically, with each forwards stroke of machine. Rugged !!
12 View of carriage & heads in forward position, showing lower gathering trays which collect all lower boards as they are dropped below cutterheads. Flip to complete the dismantling with restroke.
13 Side-view of portable offload roll-conveyor, which catches boards as they are pushed off machine with return-stroke.Each face removed automatically
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