BUSY BEE Portable Dismantlers 

14 Single-head, mounted on arms allow a single stringer to be removed in two strokes, on economy BUSY BEE dismantler
15 Front view of the Economy BUSY BEE cutterheads, showing entry-point facing oncoming pallet. Cutterheads are easy to maintain & adjust to most pallets
16 Top view of the Economy BUSY BEE dismantler single-heads, which strokes once for each pallet stringer-face and can remove either one or all stringers.
17 View of Economy BUSY BEE Dismantler showing single-faeced cutterheads, arm-mount, and hydrulic-powered carriage, with custom-pusher assembly and rakes.
18 Side-view of Economy BUSY BEE heads
19 Special toolbox beneath carriage allows storage and easy access to tools.
Note deep throat on pallet-pusher.
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