BUSY BEE Portable Dismantlers 

2 Rear-view of stringer-tray, where each removed stringer exits machine.
3 "Over'n'Under" top & bottom cutters automatically shear both nailed surfaces on each pallet, with a single stroke per stringer, removing stringer.
4 Side-view of Over'n'Under cutterheads, and clear sight of pusher, on BUSY BEE Dismantler.
5 Trailer-hitch end of BUSY BEE Dismantler doubles as motor-mount site, which puts the motor's weight where it belongs, near the towing vehicle.
6 Another feature of the BUSY BEE: An easy to get to spare-tire & wheel. Note that this unit is equipped with standard full-sized wheels/tires.
7 BUSY BEE Dismantler is a well-made and well-designed machine, specifically for the portable pallet dismantling job
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