CONVERTIBLE 2-Direction Pallet Dismantler 

01 Collage of CONVERTIBLE Dismantler, featuring BOTH Single-Stroke-Per-Stringer "Over'n'Under" head and TRIPLE HEAD 1/2 PALLET Assembly on other end of machine.(See BOTH assemblies above.)
02 Pusher has been positioned forward meeting triple-cutterheads (Half-pallet per stroke). Attached carriage follows, and can be returned for single-stringer removal, feeding another pallet through
03 SHOW-TRAILER is part of display, as well as Tipper, Cutterarms, other miscellaneous pallet recycling/repair machines, tools, kits, at Richmond VA Machinery Show.
04 RIPJAK "CONVERTIBLE" Dismantler is loaded into Show Trailer, for cross-country trip by rail to Richmond or other shows for pallet recyclers.
05 Note hydrulic pump, motor & fluid reservoir beneath work-surface of unit.

06 This pallet has been hydraulically pushed through triple cutterheads which remove all bottom boards with each unit stroke.(Click on HALF-PALLET Dismantler for more details on this function.)
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