Leadboard Repair Station 

01 Collage of photos shows several views of LEAD-BOARD REPAIR STATION, to display different functions and angles of the machine, when operating.
02 Overhead mounted-nailgun is used to re-nail either replaced (turned to face good side out) same or another board, to easily repair used pallet for re-use
03 Safety-screen flips over face of pallet as it enters triple-heads of dual-cutters each. Every stroke shears all nails on top leadboard, as selected
04 Safety-screen has been dropped over end of machine to show pallets as it is aligned with triple-cutterheads, to be stroked, after safety-screen is raised.
05 Side-view of cutterheads and pallet as they are aligned for removal of the end deckboard. (Safety-screen has been dropped to clearly show the cutterheads)
06 Entry-view of the pallet as it has been aligned with cutterheads prior to Safety-screen being raised for operator protection. Another "first" by RIPJAK!!
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