01 Patented "Push'r'Pull" single-board removal tool.Meant for lead-boards only a complete pallet could be dismantled with a single-PULL per board, one-at-a-time.(THE "POOR-MAN'S" DISMANTLER.)
02 Shown are a couple of versions of the "Push'r'Pull" Palletool. In use, is a fixed-size 40" tool, and next to the stacked work station is an "adjustable"
model, accommodating up to a 48" wide.
03 The patent-pending "J-Bar" easily lifts both 4" and 6" wide boards, out of any inside board location. Outside boards require a "stringer-stretcher" accessory, which is also available.
04 Our most popular PALLETOOL! Used for any broken board or board-piece removal, it is the favorite of anyone who has ever used it. A rugged helper!
05 The "Stringer-Stretcher" companion to the "J-BAR" Palletool, extends a stringer's "length" to allow the J-Bar to removed Lead-Boards, too. (2x4 only)
06 Our RIPJAK "J-BAR" PALLETOOL may be just the ticket, as "simplest" tool to use. Every work-station in your plant needs one. Strong! Tough! Easy!
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