Retrofit Cutterheads 

01 Example of upgraded TRIO machine, to increase productivity and reclaimed material, and reduce previous losses due to breakage of original brand unit.
02 The retrofit "kit" consists of trio of our superior cutter-head sets, plus patented T-BAR MOUNT ASSEMBLY, and all hardware. Custom pusher available, too.
03 Shown is an equipped TRIO machine, with a complete RIPJAK up-grade head assembly, T-Bar, and custom pusher. All step-by-step instructions included, too.
04 Our designer engineer, Paul Herzig, stands by another of many existing retrofitted "other brand" machines. Paul directed each step, on this unit.
05 Side view of TRIO retrofitted with RIPJAK components. Superior quality cutters do not chip or break under long use, and high-speed operation.
10 RIPJAK "over'n'Under" cutterhead is equipped with 10" toolsteel cutters. Note the wide-throat opening, between the cutter-plates, allowing extra-wide stringers.
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