Retrofit Cutterheads 

11 SINGLE-FACE version of patented B+ head allows one-side of a pallet to be stroked on each stringer, used alone, or as triple-mount, on HALF-PALLET unit.
12 Here is the "Over'n'Under" as an 8" cutterhead. Double-Stringers and broken stringers or boards are no problem. HEADS self-adjust to stringer-heights.
13 Here is an accessory pair of "top glides", which can be used to modify an "Over'n'Under" cutterhead, during use in "block pallet" disassemly.
14 Another"first" by RIPJAK! Over'n'Under cutterhead has another new feature: Remove top cutters & span-plate and replace with "glide-plates", to convert to "bottom only" cutters. This allows extra TALL pallets to pass.
6 A RIPJAK "Half-Pallet Kit" is made ready for shipment to do-it-yourselfer, who builds the machine-frame, and adds hydraulics, electrics, etc. to save $$$
7 RIPJAK CUTTERHEAD ARMS include pillow blocks, to mount upon a customer- built frame. Shown with our attached cutterheads, to be palletized & shipped.
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