Stringer-Repair Plater & Mini-Plater/Splicer 

1 The RIPJAK STRINGEREPAIR PRESS was FIRST to introduce the SOLID-ARM "SRP" concept at the OTTAWA 1988 Pallet Show in Canada. Many other RIPJAK "firsts" were also shown at that same showcase.

2 RIPJAK's solid-arm "horseshoe" style
was first to permit a high-pressure 10,000 psi hydraulic cylinder on one side of the open-end of the jaws. This
new concept was quickly copied by ALL other manufacturers for this industry.
Previously, EVERY other maker used two-sided arms hinged, which often broke.
3 RIPJAK's FIRST use of a 10,000 psi combination pump/motor also allowed 110 volt power to be used for this super strong machine design. Special high-test "memory steel" horseshoe was chosen to outlast all competitive machines made at the time.
4 An air-powered "hold-down" presses down on cracked-stringer position, to hold crack closed, while metal plates are hydraulically pressed into both sides of damaged stringer location.
5 Another view of the hold-down unit shows ease of locating exact damaged section, to be held firmly in place. The "throat" depth is a generous 30".
6 Another FIRST by RIPJAK is this hand-held MINI-PLATER which doubles as a Stringer-SPLICER which allows use of broken stringer segments, to be easily attached at their shortened ends, thus turning 2 pieces into a "new" stringer
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