Single Stringer Over/Under Dismantler 

01 Photo Collage of Single-Stroke Per Stringer Dismantler;Side-View & close
up of top & bottom cutterheads, front of machine, In-Line Stubble-Press, and
adjustable table "rakes", safety, etc.

02 Hydraulic-powered carriage propels pallet beneath/thru "over'n'under" head
which severs ALL top & bottom nails per stringer, per stroke. Another stroke per stringer totally dismantles pallet.
(Or,replace bad stringer with good one)
03 SAFETY SHIELD hangs above cutterhead
offering even more protection against dismantled material, which might come free, during high-speed disassembly.
04 Side View shows patented Heavy-duty hinge-assembly,cutter lube-fittings, and self-adjusting alligator openings
permitting variable-height stringers to pass between top & botttom cutters.
05 Front view of dismantler, showing cutter-arms adjusting crank-handle, for
occasional allowance of extra thick bottom boards.(Cutterhead automatically
adapts itself to shear both top and bottom nails, by "lifting" pallet up to permit clearance between carriage and cutters.)
06 Photo shows completion of forward stroke, which has sheared TOP & BOTTOM nails on a single or double stringer. The stringer is separated from pallet.
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