Single Stringer Over/Under Dismantler 

07 This stringer is nearly removed from the pallet. Both TOP & BOTTOM INSIDE cutters are neatly shearing the nails, along with the OUTSIDE cutters.
08 Each removed stringer automatically exits out the rear tray of the machine, onto either turntable or conveyor, where stringers are sorted, sized, etc.
09 Top view of several already-removed stringers, as they travel beyond the cutterhead upon the rear exit tray.Each stringer assists the outward flow.
10 Shown is rear exit tray, with lower scissor-jack; used for minute vertical adjustment of cutterhead arms. Pillow-Blocks allow easy lubrication, service.
11 Upper view of heavy-duty cutterhead
showing copper bearing dust-caps, hinge on each side of upper/lower cutterheads & 3-toolsteel stablizing bridgeplates.
12 Side-view shows pallet-carriage,and cutterhead support-arms.Motor/pump with hydraulic reservoir are below.Also, the scissor-jack, with long control-handle
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