TIPSTAK Self-Feeding Dismantler 

01 Page 1 of 4 pages, showing sequence of pallet stack having entered Tipper-Feeder (Entry and side views), plus tip of the entire stack, to be auto-fed...

02 Page 2 of 4 pages, showing pivot of Tipper-Feeder, plus drop-off point of stack (before and after drop) auto-feeds each pallet through the triple sets of cutterheads.(HALF or "TOTAL" Pallet disassembly with each stroke.)
03 Page 3 of 4 pages, shows close-up of hydraulic-driven chain-feeder, which pushes entire stack forward, dropping each pallet, one-at-a-time, as called. (Below, is the hydraulic-powered pusher propelling the pallet through heads.)
04 Page 4 of 4 pages, showing PATENTED RIPJAK T-Bar Mounted Triple-Sets of cutterheads.(Each photo shows different angle of the heads vs. the pallet.)
(This photo to be deleted."Repeated")
05 Side-view of heavy-duty single-face triple-heads. HALF-PALLET heads shear all nails on lower face of each pallet. 2nd stroke, after flipping, repeats. (TOTAL model features 3 Over'n'Under heads to dismantle in a single-stroke.)
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